2020 Lake Ontario Chinook Salmon – Lake Trout Stocking (New York)

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will reduce the number of Chinook salmon and lake trout stocked in Lake Ontario to ensure the lake remains one of the top fishing destinations in the country. Lake Ontario offers … Continued

Lake Ontario Trout – Salmon Stocking Reductions

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The Lake Ontario Committee (LOC) recently announced trout and salmon stocking reductions in response to conclusive evidence of two successive years of poor alewife reproduction. The stocking reductions, which are moderate in size, are intended to help reduce predatory demand … Continued

Lake Michigan Chinook Salmon Stocking Reductions

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The Lake Michigan Committee recently proposed a lake-wide reduction of 62 percent in the number of Chinook salmon stocked into Lake Michigan. The proposal followed extensive consultation with angler groups and other stakeholders, and more than three years of research … Continued

River Herring Research Projects

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The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and NOAA Fisheries recently announced they are awarding approximately a quarter of a million dollars to two research projects. Information generated from these projects supports the continued development of a coastwide river herring (i.e., … Continued