Great Lakes Anglers to Report Tagged Lake Trout

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Michigan DNRE fisheries biologists from the Marquette and Alpena Fisheries Research Stations are beginning a new hooking-mortality study on lake trout in Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

Biologists have reached an agreement with a number of veteran Lake Superior anglers from Marquette, and Lake Huron anglers from Alpena to Harrisville, to tag all lake trout they release.

The five-year study will attempt to determine hooking-mortality rates of lake trout to help evaluate whether certain size limits are having the desired management outcome.

The lake trout will be tagged with green spaghetti tags near the dorsal fins. Anglers who turn in tags from fish they catch will receive a $10 reward from the DNRE. Anglers who release the fish should remove the tag to claim the reward and find out where and when the fish was tagged.

“We’re trying to find out if our management strategies have us going in the right direction,” said DNRE fisheries biologist Shawn Sitar from Marquette. “Obviously, we need the anglers to help collect data.”

Although the fish in the study are being released in specific areas, lake trout can roam and could turn up anywhere in the Great Lakes.

Information on the tag includes a phone number to call to report the tag. Anglers can also report tags at any DNRE service center.

For more information on tagged fish, visit the DNRE website at

source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment