Tackle Tips and Techniques

The following fishing tackle-related tips and techniques may help anglers catch more fish:

Check tackle before each trip; restock essential lures if needed. Inspect, sharpen, and straighten hooks. Remove several feet of line from reels and re-tie knots.

Replace monofilament lines frequently to maintain peak line performance.

Experiment with lure types, sizes, colors, and retrieves. When in doubt, stick with proven lures and basic colors.

When fishing in clear conditions and fish seem to be line shy, switch to light, non colored lines, small lures and downsize or eliminate snaps and other hardware.

When scouting areas for fish, try fishing a “dead stick”. A surprising number of fish can be caught by simply dangling a small jig or bait off a spare rod while fishing.

Types of Freshwater Fishing Tackle

Sinkers and Weights

Circle Hooks


Shad Darts

Metal Jigs-Spoons


Tube Lures

Wacky Rigs