Freshwater Fishing Gift Ideas

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This article discusses gift ideas for freshwater fishermen. Popular freshwater fishing gifts include fishing rods and reels, tackle, gadgets, safety equipment, books, apparel, hats, posters, prints, calendars, magazines, artwork, and other items. Freshwater fishing gifts are suitable for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, retirements, thank yous, and other occasions.

What To Buy?

When choosing a gift, it can be helpful to know a few details about the angler’s interests.

Does the angler fish for a single species or multiple species?

Does the angler fish several locations or a single body of water?

Does the angler harvest fish for the table or release their catch?

Is the angler active in more than one season? What range of weather conditions will be encountered?

Does the angler enjoy reading, collecting, or other interests?

Does the angler prefer bare essentials or the latest in technology?

Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment is frequently chosen as a gift for fishermen. A few items are suitable for nearly any angler. These include long-nosed pliers, de-hookers, flashlights, sunblock, hand towels, and other useful items.

Some items, such as fishing rods, reels, and lures may require some background knowledge of the angler’s special needs. Equipment such as fillet knives, knife sharpeners, fish scalers, catfish pliers, vacuum bagging systems, and smokers might be suitable for anglers that harvest fish for the table.

Freshwater Fishing Apparel

Tee shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hoodies, and other apparel are often chosen as gifts for freshwater fishing enthusiasts. Shirts are available that feature game fish, famous fishing destinations, fishing lures, funny slogans, vintage fishing equipment, and other designs.

Some freshwater fishing shirt designs include large, bold logos while others are less obvious. Also popular are shirts with all-over patterns of fish, lures, or other icons.

For ice fishermen or other cold weather anglers, items such as hats, face masks, coats, gloves, hand warmers, and other gear may be suitable.

Freshwater Fishing Artwork

Fish identification posters popular gifts for freshwater fishermen and nature lovers. A wide range of freshwater fish posters depict fish by group, which helps in identification of species. Fish identification posters are useful as educational tools while serving as works of art.

Gyotaku art is a popular gift idea for fishermen and wildlife enthusiasts. Gyotaku is an ancient art form from the Orient. Gyotaku artists apply paint or ink to real fish, then paper or other media is carefully rubbed along the body. When the media is peeled off, a likeness of the fish is retained.

Fish replicas are another potential gift. For most anglers, replicas have replaced traditional fish mounts to commemorate a trophy catch. Some vendors offer fish replicas in specific sizes, for commemorative use.

Printed Materials

Fishing books are popular gifts for freshwater fishing enthusiasts. During long winter nights, books help educate and inspire fishermen for the upcoming season. Freshwater fishing books describe fishing techniques, regional information, fish stories, and other subjects. Also of interest to fishermen are field guides to help identify fish species.

Magazines are popular gifts for freshwater anglers. A selection of fishing magazines can be found at local bookstores or purchased online. For most fishermen, Field and Stream is considered to be the standard by which other fishing magazines are judged.

Calendars are another gift item for freshwater fishermen and fish enthusiasts. Fishing calendars come in a variety of sizes, layouts, and price ranges. The variety of fishing calendars is diverse, with suitable items for many forms of freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishing calendars are popular for Christmas or other winter holiday gifts as they can be enjoyed as soon as the new year begins.

Fishing stickers are extremely popular with anglers. Popular options include traditional bumper stickers, Euro style oval stickers, square stickers, and others. Fishing sticker designs include fish illustrations, icons, acronyms, slogans, and more.


Electronics have become standard equipment for freshwater fishing. Electronic equipment for fishing includes fish finders, GPS units, VHF radios, EPIRB rescue beacons, fish cams, and other devices.

One of the most revolutionary electronic products is a sonar device called Deeper. The heart of the system is a transducer that can be casted or attached to a boat. When interfaced with a smartphone, the device can be used to measure depths, find fish, locate underwater structure, and even map waterways.

Gift Ideas By Price

Gifts Under $10

Shoppers will find plenty of fishing-related gifts for under $10. Popular items include fishing lures, packs of hooks, line, magazines, cards, stickers, and many other items.

Gifts Under $20

Freshwater fishing gifts priced less than $20 include items such as knives, pliers, hats, shirts, books, and calendars.

Gifts Under $50

This category includes some of the most popular gifts such as entry level rod and reel outfits, mid-level rods or reels, shirts, pants, rainsuits

Gifts $50 – $100

This category includes higher quality rod and reel combos, outdoor clothing, artwork, and other gifts.

Online Sources

A good place to begin shopping for freshwater fishing gifts is our online store which features online fishing tackle – equipment, fish identification postersbooks, fishing hats, t shirts, and other products.