Georgia State Record Shadow Bass

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Angler Kristen Brown set a new Georgia state record for shadow bass on the Flint River on June 1, 2016 using a plastic worm.

Brown’s catch is the first shadow bass to be recognized for state record status, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

Her 10 oz, 9 1/4” inch catch now sets the standard for any new state record shadow bass. To challenge the state record, a future catch will have to be at least one ounce greater.

Shadow bass (Ambloplites ariommus) are members of the sunfish family. They have a compressed body with an oval profile, dark mottling forming a camouflage-like pattern, and sides marked with small dark spots that form horizontal lines.

Shadow bass are similar in appearance to warmouth, but have lines on the side and six anal spines rather than three. They typically reach 5-12 inches in length.

In Georgia, shadow bass are found in the Coosa, Flint, and lower Chattahoochee River basins. The species is also common in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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source: Georgia Department of Natural Resources