New Jersey Winter Trout Stocking

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The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife will be releasing approximately 5,000 rainbow trout in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Two-year old fish, raised at the Pequest Trout Hatchery and averaging 14-18 inches, will be stocked this year. The large rainbows will be distributed in 24 designated ponds and lakes over a two-day period.

This winter stocking comes on the heels of the 20,000 trout released in October in 16 streams and 15 lakes. Trout stocked during the fall and winter are available for anglers throughout the winter into late spring.

Although much of the winter fishing occurs during open water, many anglers look forward to the opportunity to catch trout through the ice.

Anglers are reminded to check with the individual park offices regarding their regulations on ice fishing as some of the parks where trout are stocked, particularly in urban areas, prohibit ice fishing.

Anglers can consult the NJ Freshwater Fishing Digest for regulation and other information. To find a stocked water nearby, anglers can call the Trout Stocking Hotline at 609-633-6765 or visit

source: NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife