New Jersey Winter Trout Stocking

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The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking “super-size” trout as part of the Winter Trout Stocking Program.

In November, the agency began stocking more than 5,000 large trout in 23 lakes throughout the state. The rainbow trout which range from 14-18 inches, will join 20,000 two-year old fish that were stocked in October.

A year-round fishery for rainbow trout currently exists in New Jersey thanks to nearly 650,000 trout raised at the Pequest State Trout Hatchery. Trout produced at the facility are stocked in the spring, fall, and winter.

Prior to ice-over, traditional baits like worms, fathead minnows, meal worms, and powerbait fished on the bottom during open water work well for anglers fishing from shore.

In New Jersey, large rainbow trout are also taken through the ice. Anglers ice fishing for rainbows employ a variety of techniques which include using tip-ups with minnows and other baits, and jigging with small jigs or ice jigging flies.

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source: NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife