Urban Waters Federal Partnership Launched

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The United States Department of the Interior recently announced the creation of a new federal partnership. The Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP) is a federal union of 11 agencies.

The partnership aims to stimulate regional and local economies, create local jobs, improve quality of life, and protect Americans’ health by revitalizing urban waterways in under-served communities across the country.

UWFP will focus its initial efforts on seven pilot locations:

– the Patapsco Watershed (Maryland)

– the Anacostia Watershed (Washington DC/Maryland)

– the Bronx & Harlem River Watersheds (New York)

– the South Platte River in Denver (Colorado)

– the Los Angeles River Watershed (California)

– the Lake Pontchartrain Area (New Orleans, La.)

– the Northwest Indiana Area

Agencies of the Urban Waters Federal Partnership include:

Environmental Protection Agency

Department of the Interior

United States Department of Agriculture

Corporation for National and Community Service

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration

Department of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Army Corps of Engineers

Department of Transportation

Housing and Urban Development

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

For more information, visit: http://www.urbanwaters.gov

source: Department of the Interior press release