Flathead Catfish | credit: USFWS

Understanding fish behavior is essential for anglers. Knowledge concerning fish habits can be acquired thru a variety of techniques, the most important of which is experience in the field.

Fishing Journals

Keeping a fishing journal can be a valuable experience for anglers. Fishing journals can be recorded using computer software, smartphone apps, elaborately formatted documents, or a simple spiral notebook.

Regardless of the layout, a fishing journal should record important observations such as date, time, weather conditions, water conditions, fish species encountered, and other information.

Fishing Stories

Most anglers are more than willing to share their fishing stories. Although details can get lost over time, valuable information can sometimes be gleaned from anglers fishing stories.

Books and Magazines

Books, magazines, and other printed media can be excellent sources of information regarding fish behavior. New content is written all the time but a wealth of information can be found in older works.

Shows and Seminars

Each year, hundreds of fishing-related shows, expos, and other events are held. Many shows features fishing seminars where information is shared regarding local and regional fishing.

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