This page lists fish hybrids that are known to occur in North America, either naturally or through fish culture.

Trout and Char

cutbow – rainbow trout x cutthroat trout (interspecific fertile hybrid).

splake – lake trout female x brook trout male

tiger trout – brown trout female x brook trout male

True Bass

hybrid striped bass – striped bass female x white bass male. Also known as a wiper or whiterock bass.

yellow bass x white bass

yellow bass x white perch


bluegill x pumpkinseed

Other Hybrids

tiger muskellunge – muskellunge x northern pike. Also known as tiger musky.

pike-pickerel hybrid – chain pickerel x northern pike

saugeye – walleye female x sauger male

bighead carp x silver carp

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