2018 Idaho Steelhead Spring Season

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steehead rainbow troutRreduced bag and possession limits have been extended for the 2018 Idaho spring steelhead season, according to Idaho Department Fish and Game (IDFG).

This year’s spring season began January 1. Daily steelhead bag limits are two daily and six in possession statewide. Only adipose fin-clipped steelhead may be harvested.

Steelhead longer than 28 inches in total length cannot be harvested in the Clearwater River Basin or on the Snake River from the confluence (Lewiston) upstream to Couse Creek Boat Ramp.

All other 2018 steelhead rules apply, including season harvest limits, opening and closing dates.

The number of hatchery steelhead returning to Idaho is sufficient to provide a harvest fishery for adipose fin-clipped, hatchery-origin steelhead under reduced harvest limits through the spring season.

The size restriction on the lower Snake and Clearwater rivers protects the larger “B-run” steelhead from overharvest and ensures enough spawning size fish will return to replenish hatcheries.

Details on Idaho steelhead fishing regulations can be found at idfg.idaho.gov.

source: Idaho Department Fish and Game