2016 Wyoming Fishing License Sales

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Fishing remains popular in Wyoming, according to a recent estimate of annual fishing license sales by Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD).

In 2015, fishing license sales increased by 6%, according to WGFD. Final numbers for 2016 are not yet available, but early results show interest in hunting and fishing increase stayed steady or increased.

During 2016, Wyoming sport fish benefited from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that received plenty of water.

“Wyoming is fortunate to have such active hunters and anglers. The vast majority of funding for managing all wildlife comes from sportsmen and women, and in Wyoming that equates to 75-80 percent of our total revenue for wildlife management. Thank you to all the hunters and anglers who spend hard-earned money to enjoy this opportunity and to support the wildlife Wyoming’s residents and visitors care about so much,” said Talbott.

source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department