Nebraska Winter Trout Stocking

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rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Thousands of rainbow trout have been in eastern Nebraska in preparation for the winter fishing season.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) has been stocking catchable-size stocked trout that measure approximately 10 inches in length.

Recent stockings include:

Holmes Lake – 3,000 fish

Bowling Lake south pond – 400 fish

Lake Halleck –  1,200 fish

Standing Bear Lake – 3,770 fish

Crystal Springs middle lake –  1,200 fish

Additional stockings:

Standing Bear will receive an additional 3,730 trout. Eugene T. Mahoney State Park’s CenturyLink Lake will receive 3,500 fish.

Stocked trout can be caught with a spinning or spin-cast rod and reel with a hook baited with a worm. A split shot can be added a couple of feet above the hook and a bobber a couple of feet above the split shot.

Rainbow trout also can be caught with spinners, salmon eggs, dough baits, and artificial flies.

source: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission