Wyoming Walk-In Fishing Guide

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) recently launched a new Walk-In Fishing Guide on its website. The digital guide is an interactive map where anglers can locate and learn more about the walk-in fishing opportunities statewide.

A Walk-in Area (WIA) is a tract of private land or inaccessible public land on which the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has obtained access for the public to fish.

Public access to a fishing WIA is for  fishing only, during a specific time period and only for the specific species agreed upon by the landowner and Game and Fish.

Through the guide, anglers can find out more about the type of fish they can expect to catch, the type of water, and the contact information for the nearest Game and Fish regional office. Special rules and regulations for the WIA are also noted.

“Thanks to donations from the public to our Access Yes program and Wyoming landowners, Game and Fish can offer more places for you to fish on private land. Try fishing somewhere new and see what our walk-in areas have to offer,” said Mark Fowden, chief of the Fish Division with Game and Fish.

Because walk-in fishing opportunities are on private land, anglers need to respect landowner requests. Stay on designated roads, obey all posted signs, and do not litter.

WGFD also offers information on public fishing areas and float access. For more information on these access areas, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish website at: wgfd.wyo.gov.

source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department