Minnesota State Record Muskie (catch-and-release)

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In June, Andrew Slette set a Minnesota state record (catch-and-release) with a muskie that measured 56-7/8 inches long with an estimated girth of 25-1/2 inches on Pelican Lake. The catch was witnessed by angler Josh Karch, who also caught and released a muskie over 50 inches.

The muskellunge is sometimes called “the fish of 10,000 casts” but it only took five casts for an angler to set Minnesota’s first catch-and-release state record for muskellunge.

“We now have our first muskie catch-and-release state record, and it certainly sounds like it came out of a memorable day of fishing for both these anglers,” said Mike Kurre, who manages the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ record fish program.

Also in June, Jacob Robinson caught and released a big cat that measured 49 inches long and had a girth of 32-1/2 inches. It was 2 inches longer than the previous record.

Robinson landed the fish on June 7, while fishing from the shore of the Minnesota River in Scott County using a live bullhead and 100-pound test line.

Anglers can set Minnesota state records for certified weight for most fish species, or catch-and-release length for muskellunge, lake sturgeon, and flathead catfish.

source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources