Oregon Trophy Trout Program 2016

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In Oregon, thousands of extra-large rainbow trout will be released as the Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) rolls out an enhanced “Trophy Trout” program created under a 2015 legislative directive.

More than 10,000 rainbow trout ranging in size from one to three pounds will be released at five locations around the state starting March 7 and continuing through May.

The Trophy Trout Pilot Program stocks selected reservoirs with trout in the one to three-pound range. The goal is to help boost economic development opportunities for regions that rely heavily on hunting and fishing tourism.

For 2016, ODFW raised an additional 10,500 large trout that will be will be released in the following five locations: Phillips Reservoir in Baker County, Willow Creek Reservoir in Morrow County, Timothy Lake in Clackamas County, Trojan Pond in Columbia County, and Garrison Lake in Curry County. Releases will start the week of March 7 and take place periodically until June.

ODFW plans to further expand trophy trout fishing opportunities next year by producing 25,000 of the larger trout and releasing them in more locations (not yet determined).

Trophy trout, which ODFW defines as those weighing one pound or more, comprise a small portion of the 2 million trout catchable trout that ODFW releases in more than 300 locations around the state every year. The vast majority of these are referred to in the agency’s trout stocking schedules as “legals” which are released as soon as they are 8 inches long and meet the legal minimum size for retention fishing in Oregon.

ODFW is promoting trout fishing as a family-friendly outdoor activity through its Trout 365 campaign and 36 family fishing events.

source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife