2016 Columbia River Chinook Salmon Season

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In January, Oregon and Washington fishery managers set spring Chinook salmon seasons for the Columbia River during a joint state hearing in Vancouver, Wash.

The recreational springer season on the Columbia from the river mouth upstream to Bonneville Dam will open from March 1 – April 9, with two days off during that period to allow for potential commercial fishing periods.

The Columbia River spring Chinook season is based on a forecast of 299,200 returning spring Chinook, which includes an expected 188,800 upriver spring Chinook.

The prediction is down from last year’s banner return of 415,200 springers but above the 10-year average return of 285,000 fish.

Above Bonneville, state fishery managers approved a Chinook retention season starting on Wednesday, March 16 and continuing through Friday, May 6, with an expected recreational harvest of 900 fish.

On the Willamette River, the spring Chinook forecast is 70,100 fish which is down from last year’s actual return of 87,100 springers but is better than the 10-year average of 61,000.

source: Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission