Colorado State Record Flathead Catfish

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On Jan. 19, angler Tony Chavez of La Junta, set a new Colorado state record for flathead catfish with a 39 9/16 inch, 27 pound 3.68 ounce fish. Chavez was fishing with chicken livers, when he pulled the record-setting flathead from the stilling basin below John Martin Reservoir.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff have sampled several large flatheads at John Martin Reservoir in recent years. Flathead catfish are usually found in the main lake, along the dam and the rocky points of the north and south shorelines, according to CPW.

Flathead catfish were stocked at John Martin Reservoir from 1994 – 2009. Although no flathead catfish have been stocked since 2009, populations appear to be self-sustaining.

The previous Colorado state record flathead catfish, which weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces and was 32 2/8 inches long, was caught from Pueblo Reservoir.

Flathead catfish weighing over 50 pounds are common in the midwestern states. The angling world record for flathead catfish is more than 120 pounds.

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source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife