North Branch Potomac River Fish Species

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The North Branch Potomac River is home to a surprising variety of fish species, according to surveys conducted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

North Branch Potomac River fish species:

smallmouth bass
largemouth bass
rock bass
redbreast sunfish
green sunfish
pumpkinseed sunfish
yellow bullhead
brown bullhead
channel catfish
American eel
cutthroat trout
rainbow trout
brown trout
brook trout
greenside darter
fantail darter
tessellated darter
mottled sculpin
cutlips minnow
golden shiner
comely shiner
satinfin shiner
bluntnose minnow
blacknose dace
longnose dace
creek chub
white sucker
creek chubsucker
golden redhorse

The North Branch of the Potomac River forms the border between Maryland and West Virginia from it’s origin to it’s confluence with the South Branch of the Potomac.