Connecticut Fall 2014 Trout Stocking

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Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) recently announced that its 2014 autumn trout stockings have begun. DEEP is releasing 30,000 trophy and adult sized trout into selected waters throughout the state.

Among the areas scheduled to be stocked this fall are twenty-three lakes and ponds, fifteen rivers and streams that include twelve of the Trout Management Areas (TMA), and eight Trout Parks.

Anglers are advised that the current dry weather conditions may cause a number of changes in this fall’s stocking schedule. Despite some recent rains and a relatively cool summer, flows are well below typical levels for this time of the year in many of the state’s rivers and streams, especially in eastern Connecticut, and environmental conditions in some lakes and ponds are unsuitable for stocking at this time.

Approximately 30,000 adult trout will be released this fall, of which 14,000 are trophy size brown trout (all greater than 12 inches in length). The remaining 16,000 adults are standard size (9-10 inch) rainbow trout.

In addition, the Farmington River TMA also received its annual Labor Day stocking of 2,000 large brown trout (12 inches and larger fish) just prior to the Labor Day weekend. These fish were stocked into the sections of the Farmington River Trout Management Area from the Goodwin (Hogback) Dam to the old bridge abutments just below “Whittemore pool” (Barkhamsted), and from the Route 219 bridge (New Hartford) to the Route 177 bridge (Unionville).

Among the other Trout Management Areas (TMA) being stocked this fall are the two areas on the Housatonic River. A total of 9,000 trout (1,000 large brown trout, 5,000 rainbow trout, 3,000 “yearling” brown trout) will be released into the Housatonic River TMA and the Bull’s Bridge TMA will be stocked with 500 brown trout and 2,000 “yearling” trout. The large brown trout are intended to augment the population of holdover trout in the river this fall, while the rainbow trout and “yearling” browns (5-7 inch fish) should enhance the holdover population for next spring.

In addition to the 5,000 “yearling” trout stocked into the Housatonic River, another 28,000 will be stocked into eight rivers and streams scattered throughout the state. These fish are expected to grow and holdover, providing additional angling opportunities in late fall, winter and especially next spring; and in several cases, to also enhance wild trout populations.

Regulations vary on the waters being stocked this fall. DEEP advises anglers to check fishing regulations in the 2014 Connecticut Angler’s Guide, found online at Print versions of the guides are available from many Town Clerks and bait & tackle stores, or by contacting DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division (860-424-FISH).

source: Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection