2014 Kansas Handfishing Season

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The Kansas handfishing season for catfish opened June 15, 2014. Handfishing, also known as noodling, is a form of alternative fishing used to catch large catfish.

Using their hands as the bait and hook, handfishermen will find a suspected catfish hole, barricade possible exits the fish might escape through, stick their arm inside, and lurk around for a catfish mouth to grab.

Adding to the challenge of handfishing, regulations do not allow man-made objects that attract fish, such as a barrel, box, or bathtub to be used. Handfishing anglers are also prohibited from using snorkel or scuba gear.

Kansas is one of a handful of states that offer a special handfishing season. With a special permit, anglers can handfish for flathead catfish in select waters from sunrise to sunset June 15-Aug. 31.

Kansas waters open to handfishing include:

– the entire length of the Arkansas River,
– all federal reservoirs from beyond 150 yards of the dam to the upstream end of the federal property
– the Kansas River from its origin, downstream to its confluence with the Missouri River.

Anglers participating in the Kansas handfishing season need to have a handfishing permit in addition to a regular fishing license. For more information, visit ksoutoors.com.

source: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism