2014 Pennsylvania Trout Stocking

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2014 Pennsylvania trout stocking schedules are now available online at www.fishandboat.com, according to Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

“The PFBC annually stocks approximately 3.2 million adult trout in 731 streams and 124 lakes open to public angling,” said Dave Miko, Chief of the PFBC Division of Fisheries Management. “These figures include approximately 2.01 million rainbow trout; 647,000 brown trout; and 527,000 brook trout. As with past practice, the average size of the trout produced for stocking is 11 inches in length.”

In addition to these fish, the PFBC plans to stock about 8,500 trophy golden rainbow trout that weigh an average of 1.5 pounds and measure at least 14 inches long. Also, cooperative nurseries run by sportsmen’s clubs across the state will add another 1 million trout to waters close to them.

About 53% of the trout are stocked prior to opening day; 43% are stocked between opening day and the end of May; and the remaining 4% are stocked from October through February of the following year.

The first day of fishing for the 2014 season will be the state’s Mentored Youth Day (March 22). For other anglers, Regional Opening Day of Trout Season will be March 29. A second Mentored Youth Day will be held on April 5, the Saturday before the April 12 regular opening day of trout season.

source: Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission