Michigan Fall 2013 Fish Stocking

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In December, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced the totals from its fall fish stocking efforts.

The DNR’s Fisheries Division stocked eight different species totaling more than 1,050,000 fish. Fish were stocked at 111 different locations throughout the state.

Fall fish stockings consisted of brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, lake sturgeon, walleye and muskellunge.

The Marquette State Fish Hatchery stocked 34,093 fall fingerling and adult brook and lake trout to 47 locations.

The Thompson State Fish Hatchery stocked 157,909 fall fingerling brown trout and steelhead to five locations using four trips.

The Oden State Fish Hatchery stocked 90,244 fall fingerling rainbow trout at two locations.

The Platte River State Fish Hatchery stocked 221,808 fall fingerling coho salmon into the Paw Paw River and 36,453 fall fingerling Atlantic salmon into Torch Lake.

The Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery stocked 435,950 fall fingerling steelhead at six sites and 56,143 fall fingerling Great Lakes and northern muskellunge at 33 locations.

The DNR’s cooperative hatchery at Lake Superior State University produced 13,400 fall fingerling Atlantic salmon which were stocked in Torch Lake (Antrim County).

Eastern Lake Superior, Northern Lake Michigan and Southern Lake Huron fisheries management units stocked 3,877 fall fingerling walleye at eight sites.

The Southern Lake Michigan Management Unit in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stocked 50 fall fingerling lake sturgeon into the Kalamazoo River.

The Marquette Fisheries Research Station stocked a total of 598 fall fingerling lake sturgeon into four sites in the Upper Peninsula.

The DNR’s cooperative hatchery with Michigan State University on the Black River stocked 4,490 fall fingerling lake sturgeon into four sites on Black, Burt and Mullet lakes.

For more information, visit www.michigandnr.com.

source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources