Idaho Hayden Lake Kokanee Salmon

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In 2011, kokanee salmon were stocked in Hayden Lake by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. In two years, the salmon have grown to 16-18 inches, creating a popular fishery.

In 2013, anglers started seeing breeding phase kokanee in Hayden Lake. Male kokanee salmon develop the appearance of ocean going sockeye when they mature, with bright red bodies, green heads, and humped backs.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Fish and Game biologists have also found congregations of spawning phase kokanee salmon in Hayden Creek. Although these spawning runs are impressive to see, they are not expected to have much of an impact on Hayden Lake’s kokanee population.

In 2012, Idaho Fish and Game stocked another 100,000 fingerling kokanee in Hayden lake and this year increased the number to 150,000. As the lake’s kokanee salmon population continues to grow, anglers should continue to enjoy good fishing in the future.

source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game