2013 New York Trout-Salmon Season

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The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is predicting high, cold water and icy banks and streambeds, particularly in northern areas of the state for the beginning of the state’s trout and salmon season. Opening day in New York is April 1.

Early season trout are known for being lethargic due to cold water temperatures. DEC suggests that anglers uses baits and lures such as spinners that can be fished slow and deep.

Fishing will improve markedly once water temperatures warm later in the spring. During the same period, increased aquatic insect activity tends to improve opportunities for those preferring to use fly fishing gear.

In some areas such as northern Adirondack ponds, the best fishing of the year often occurs immediately following ice out, which can be as late as May.

DEC plans to stock more than 2.1 million catchable-size brook, brown and rainbow trout in 307 lakes and ponds and roughly 3,000 miles of streams across the state.

Spring stockings will include 1.51 million brown trout, 432,000 rainbow trout and 158,000 brook trout. Approximately 97,000 two-year-old brown trout 12-13 inches in length will also be stocked into lakes and streams across the state.

Roughly 2.05 million yearling lake trout, steelhead, landlocked salmon, splake and coho salmon will be be stocked by DEC this spring.

Over 330,000 brook trout fingerlings will be stocked in 342 lakes and ponds during 2013, with stockings taking place in spring and fall.

Trout and salmon are among the most popular sportfish in New York State, according to Commissioner Joe Martens.

For a complete list of waters planned to be stocked with trout this spring, visit the DEC website.

source: New York Department of Environmental Conservation