North Dakota 2012 Walleye Stocking

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel, along with staff from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fish hatcheries, recently completed stocking 9.8 million walleye fingerlings in 113 lakes across the state.

Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery contributed 8.7 million fingerlings and Valley City National Fish Hatchery 1.1 million fingerlings.

Stocking goals for each water body can differ depending on need. Conditions for the walleye stocking efforts were reported to be good. Later in 2012, biologists will monitor survival rates of stocked fish as well as natural reproduction of walleye in North Dakota.

Stockings inluded:

Lake Sakakawea – 4 million

Stump Lake – 577,000

Lake Darling – 450,000

Devils Lake – 367,000

Heart Butte Reservoir – 325,000

Lake Ashtabula – 262,000.

source: North Dakota Game and Fish Department