Idaho 2012 Steelhead Catch and Release Seasons

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Idaho’s 2012 steelhead fishing season has begun with anglers reporting success on several waterways. Catch-and-release fishing seasons have opened or will open soon in parts of the Clearwater, Snake, and Salmon rivers.

Idaho considers rainbow trout longer than 20 inches in length as steelhead. Only steelhead with a clipped adipose fin, as evidenced by a healed scar, may be kept. All steelhead with an intact adipose fin must be released.

Anyone fishing for steelhead, except children under age 14, must have a valid Idaho fishing license and steelhead permit in possession to fish for steelhead.

Children under the age of 14 may fish without permits if they are accompanied by a valid permit holder – any fish caught must be recorded on the permit holder’s card and counted in that person’s bag, possession and season limits.

A resident child under 14 may purchase a permit and catch their own limit of steelhead. Nonresident juveniles 14 to 18 may purchase a junior nonresident fishing license and permit and catch their own limit of steelhead.

The holder of a valid Idaho fishing license and steelhead permit may fish for steelhead in the Snake River where it forms the boundary between Idaho and Oregon or Washington, subject to the laws of Idaho.

Anglers may not fish from the shoreline, including wading, and may not fish in sloughs or tributaries on the Oregon or Washington side.

Each angler is entitled to have in possession only the limit allowed by one license regardless of the number of licenses in possession.

Anglers should check the 2011-2012 Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules for additional details.

source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game