Patapsco River Dam Removal

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and partners have released an analysis evaluating the pros and cons of keeping, improving or removing Bloede Dam and are looking for citizens to share their input.

The possible removal of Bloede Dam is part of a comprehensive effort to restore 43 miles of stream habitat for migratory and resident fish. The Patapsco River restoration project started with the removal of Union Dam in September 2009.

The Patapsco River once supported large runs of shad, herring, and American eels, but several dams have blocked these historic migrations.

A fish ladder was constructed at Bloede Dam in the 1990s in the hope of allowing fish to pass around the dam, but that ladder has proven ineffective at passing fish. Biologists report that the dam presents a major barrier to American eels in particular.

Previously, the removal of Union and Simkins Dams on the Patapsco River appears to be paying off, with a number of fish species now occupying habitat on the river that was unavailable previously.

Bloede Dam is owned by DNR and is located in Patapsco Valley State Park. More information is available at

source: MD DNR