Delaware State Record Largemouth Bass Caught

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In March, 2012, a new Delaware State record was set for largemouth bass.  James D. Hitchens of Georgetown reeled in a 10-pound, 10-ounce female largemouth measuring 26 inches long and 18 3/4 inches in girth. The record bass was measured  at Taylored Tackle Shop in Seaford and verified by DNREC Fisheries biologists Nathan Rust and Jordan Zimmerman.

The new state record bass was caught in a local pond on a live shiner minnow. During the certification process, the tackle shop kept the fish in an aerated tank. After certification, Hitchens released the bass back into the pond where he caught it.

According to Fisheries biologist Cathy Martin, Division of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries staff monitor Delaware’s freshwater ponds and their fish populations.

Biologists have a variety of tools for managing fisheries including slot limits and other regulations, game fish stocking programs, removing specific size groups to reduce overcrowding and balance populations, invasive species eradication programs, and stocking of forage species such as shiners.

Since 1937, Delaware also has received funding from the federal Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program. Last year, the state Fisheries Section received about $3.5 million in federal matching funds to help support state fisheries restoration work, with Delaware fishing license fees supplying the match for the federal program.

source: DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife