Deep Creek Maryland Walleye Fishing

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Fisheries biologists from Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries biologists expect good walleye fishing in Deep Creek Lake for the 2012 fishing season.

According to DNR, walleye are the most abundant game fish species in Deep Creek Lake. Regulations for the 2012 walleye season include a 5-fish daily creel limit and a 15-inch minimum size limit. In Maryland, walleye can be caught in the Youghiogheny River Reservoir, Jennings Randolph Lake, Savage River Reservoir, Potomac River and Liberty Reservoir.

The walleye is the largest member of the perch family. Trophy class walleye may reach lengths of 30 inches or more and weigh more than 10 pounds. The walleye’s name originates from its opaque-looking eyes. Their large, reflective eyes allow walleye to locate shiners, perch, crayfish, and other prey in low light.

In Maryland lakes and reservoirs, anglers typically use jigs and minnow-type lures for catching walleye around rock piles and along the edges of weed beds. In deeper areas, night crawlers, live minnows, or other baits are effective when slowly drifted along the bottom.

Recreational anglers who register a walleye measuring 26 inches or longer at any of the more than 60 Maryland Angler Award Centers across the State will receive free admission and a chance to win prizes at the 2012 Maryland Fishing Challenge Grand Finale.

source: MD DNR