136 Pound Blue Catfish Caught in South Carolina

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In February, 2012, a fisherman caught a monster catfish while trotlining in South Carolina’s Lake Moultrie (part of the Santee Cooper reservoir system). Weighing 136 pounds, 6 ounces and 56 inches in length, it is the largest blue catfish ever caught in the lake. Had the fish been caught by rod and reel, it would have broken the state record of 109 pounds, 4 ounces, which has stood for over 20 years.

Blue catfish were introduced in Santee Cooper reservoir in 1965. The species has since become a major component of the reservoir’s annual fish production and is considered a trophy fish by anglers. South Carolina classifies blue catfish as a non-game fish, which means they may taken by any legal method of harvest, including rod and reel, trotlines, fish traps, bush hooks, and bow fishing.

source:  South Carolina Department of Natural Resources