Fishing Lodges in North America

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king salmonA stay at a North American fishing lodge can be a great way to enjoy world class fishing and other outdoor activities while spending time with family and friends.

Fishing lodges range from simple cabins to spacious inns. Some lodges offer fishing only, while others feature a variety of activities throughout the year.

Canada fishing lodges are known for their remote locations. Canadian freshwater fishing lodges enjoy world class fishing, with salmon, smallmouth bass, brook trout, lake trout, arctic char, northern pike, musky, and other species.

USA fishing lodges are also known for their fishing opportunities. American fishing lodges are located in a variety of habitats ranging from cold water lakes in the North to beachfront lodges of the South.

Due to the variety of climates found in the USA, American lodges offer an incredible range of species in freshwater, saltwater and brackish river systems.

Resources for choosing a fishing lodge:

–  online searches

– blogs

– online forums

– outdoor magazines

– television shows

– word of mouth

– regional and local chambers of commerce

– tourism organizations

– trade organizations

Once the list of possible lodges has been narrowed down, a phone conversation with each lodge owner or manager is a good idea. Most lodge owners are more than happy to answer questions or help travelers plan their stay.