Vermont Master Angler Program

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The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has released a report on its website that includes some of the biggest fish caught throughout the state in 2010.

The Vermont Master Angler Program Summary, which can be viewed at, provides a list of all fish entered in the Master Angler Program in 2010. The report also includes interesting summaries by species, top fishing locations, preferred gear types, and other information regarding the program.

The state’s Master Angler Program was launched in June of 2010 to promote and highlight Vermont’s diverse fish species and angling opportunities. The program recognizes the accomplishments of anglers who catch trophy-sized fish from Vermont waters.

The Master Angler program provides a list of 33 eligible fish species. Minimum length benchmarks are established for each species, with slightly lower minimum lengths set for youth anglers. Fish exceeding those benchmarks are considered “trophy quality” and may be entered into the program.

Anglers wishing to participate in the program can submit entries and upload photos online on the department’s website, or obtain a form at Fish & Wildlife offices and state fish hatcheries throughout the state. The department encourages anglers to enter online, if possible.

To learn more about the Vermont Master Angler Program and enter your catch, visit Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website at

source: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department