Sockeye Salmon Art

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Sockeye are the most colorful of the Pacific salmon. Adults are an attractive silver while at sea. During their spawning migrations, these salmon undergo remarkable changes.

Their bodies become a rich shade of red which is contrasted by the olive-green coloration of their heads and tails. The bright red coloration seen during the spawning phase gives rises to their other common name; red salmon.

Sockeye salmon are found in North America from Alaska to Northern California. They are also found in parts of Asia. Individual fish usually weigh 4-10 pounds. Adults spend 1-4 years in the ocean. Eventually they return to freshwater streams to spawn.

Sockeye are prized by cooks for their deep red flesh and excellent flavor. They are extremely popular in wildlife art and are frequently photographed, painted or depicted in other media.

These are a few samples of sockeye salmon artwork:

Sockeye - Red Salmon (titled) shirt
Sockeye Salmon phases mug

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