Rental Boats for Freshwater Fishing

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Rental boats are a great way to enjoy freshwater fishing. Boat rentals are available seasonally on many lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other waterways.

Finding a rental boat provider usually starts with an online search or visit to an area visitor center. Local hotels and inns will usually have brochures as well as a local phone directory.  State and local chambers of commerce may also have listings for boat rentals.

In most areas, public marinas offer rental boats. State parks can be another source when looking for a fishing boat. Depending on the area serviced, types of boats may vary from simple kayaks to high-horsepower center console boats.

Types of Rental Boats for Freshwater Fishing:

– jon boats

– flat bottomed skiffs

– dories

– canoes

– kayaks

– open skiffs

– pontoon boats

– center consoles

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rental Boat:

When are boats available? Do I need to reserve one in advance?

Are there any additional costs associated with renting a boat?

Are refunds available if the weather changes or other events cause the cancellation of my trip?

What limitations apply to the rental?

What are the capabilities and features of the boat?

What is the range of the boat?

How many occupants can the boat carry safely?

What types of weather would restrict using the boat?

What equipment is included? Do I need to bring anything?

What if we get lost or return late?

What do we do in case of emergency?

Is there cell service in areas where the boat will be used?

Things to Bring on a Fishing Trip

map, compass

hat, sunglasses, sunblock, jacket, rain suit, appropriate shoes

fishing tackle (use a small, organized container), bait, rods, landing net

cooler, drinks, lunch, snacks

optional: phone, handheld GPS unit or other electronic gadgets (stored in plastic zipper bags)