Reference Book: The 24 Greatest Flies You Don’t Leave Home Without

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“Where are the fish?” and, “Why won’t the fish take my fly?” are among the most commonly asked questions by beginner and novice fly fishers. And until now, the answers have not been that easy to work out.

A new fly fishing book by fisheries scientist and avid fly fisher Dr. Robert Sousa helps simplify the process of finding and catching fish.

In The 24 Greatest Flies You Don’t Leave Home Without (ISBN: 978-0-615-32120-2),  the author outlines a clear  fly selection procedure and discusses extensively where feeding fish are likely to be found.

Sousa has a deep understanding of fish behavior: He has a Ph.D. in fisheries sciences and has worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for more than 30 years.  He is also known for initiating the Fly Fishing Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts of America.

In the book, readers will learn:

How to Select the Right Fly

What are The 24 Greatest Flies

How to Deliver Your Fly to a Spot

Where Are the Fish?

Common Fish Behaviors

Why a Fish May Take Your Fly

Why a Fish Refuses Your Fly

According to the author, “The book provides you with a simple process that will improve your catch rates.”

In the book, Sousa discusses his list of 24 of the highest performing flies for any fish in any situation. The premise of this new book is based on the fact that most expert fly fishers catch most of their fish on just a few flies, often as little as six patterns.

“If you got all of the best fly fishermen in the same room and asked them about their best flies, there would be a lot of commonality among them, and most of their favorite flies are in my group of 24,” says Sousa.