Wyoming Cutt-Slam

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Wyoming’s Cutt-Slam is a program designed to encourage anglers to learn more about Wyoming’s cutthroat sub-species while supporting of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s cutthroat management program.

To participate in Cutt-Slam, anglers must:

* Catch Wyoming’s four cutthroat sub-species in their native range in Wyoming

* Submit an application and photos of their catches to a local Regional Office Fisheries Section, or to the Cheyenne Headquarters located in Cheyenne,  WY.

After receiving documentation confirming catches of  all four sub-species, the Wyoming Game and Fish  sends anglers a color certificate featuring the four sub-species to recognize the accomplishment.

For more information, visit: http://gf.state.wy.us/services/customers/cuttslam/index.asp