Maryland Yellow Perch Fishing

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Yellow perch fishing in Maryland is expected to peak in late February and early March as water temperatures in the tidal tributaries of the state begin to warm.

“The abundance of yellow perch creates a fantastic, fun fishing opportunity,” said Tom O’Connell, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service Director. “It’s a chance for Marylanders and their families to get out and enjoy the outdoors, as well as reap the benefits of a fisheries management success story.”

Yellow perch are found in 10- to 30-foot depths in many Maryland rivers in preparation for their spawning run. Water temperatures in the tributaries are now in the upper 30s and will soon hit the 40 degree threshold, which will trigger the start of yellow perch spawning.

Anglers are enjoying spectacular fishing for yellow perch in several locations, including the Cedars in Allen’s Fresh, the channel edge off the Logan’s Wharf condominiums at Perryville on the Susquehanna River, Northeast River, Nanjemoy Creek, and the deep holes in the Chester River near Crumpton.

“This, by far, is the absolute best yellow perch fishing we’ve had out here in years,” said Captain Mike Benjamin from Herb’s Tackle Shop in Northeast.  “The yellow perch fishing in The Susquehanna River is as good as I’ve ever seen it.”

Yellow Perch will begin moving from the deeper, staging areas to the shallow waters as the weather warms this weekend. This will give recreational anglers the opportunity to fish from the shoreline. The first locations will likely be the southern hot spots then quickly move north.

Yellow perch fishing in Maryland is open year round with a nine-inch minimum size and ten fish per day limits in tidal waters. Fishing for yellow perch is the perfect family activity. A minimal investment in gear, rod, reel, size 10 hooks, bobbers and a bucket of minnows will provide you with the essentials. On March 5, Yellow Perch Appreciation Day will be held at the Northeast Town Park, a state free-fishing area where fishing licenses are not required. Prizes will be awarded.

source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources