2010 National Hunting and Fishing Day

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For 2010, National Hunting and Fishing Day is slated for Sept. 25.

For 38 years, National Hunting and Fishing Day has been celebrated in the USA. NHF Day is held each year on the fourth Saturday in September. An official public reminder that conservation in America depends on leadership and funding from hunters and anglers, NHF Day now aims to deliver its message year round through a free and newly updated variety of educational resources.

“Our goal is equipping every hunter, angler and sport shooter to more effectively communicate the conservation benefits of traditional outdoor sports. All of us must work together to build public understanding and appreciation for what we do,” said Denise Wagner of Wonders of Wildlife, the Springfield, Mo., official home of NHF Day.

Hunting and fishing licenses, along with excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, bows, arrows, rods and reels, generate more than $1.75 billion per year for fish, wildlife and habitat.

For more information about NHF Day, visit www.nhfday.org